Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring is in the air.

Harriet Prescott Spofford asked the question "Don't you love heavy fragrances, faint with sweetness, ravishing juices of odor, heliotropes, violets, water-lilies, powerful attars and extracts that snatch your soul off your lips?"

From my garden

This beautiful and descriptive inquiry evokes pleasurable recollections of vibrant gardens abundant with fragrant and colorful flowers. Images of velvety petals with droplets of dew, being the loveliest sight one can encounter. Inhalations of odorous blossoms, some heady and persistent while others are unobtrusive, releasing delicate and fleeting aromas, is one of natures greatest pleasures.

Yet flowers, with all their beauty and fragrance, are sadly lacking longevity.  Before you know it, blossoms lose their luster and the sweet aromas wane, eventually fading. I’m able to endure the months without fragrant flowers, due to my collection of beautiful essences that decorate my bureau and sparkle on my shelves. 

My winter
Today, I have a preoccupation with spring. After a long and turbulent winter, the fantasy of transitioning from winter to spring is a lovely mirage. Spring, being my favorite season, is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. It’s the season of spirits being lifted after having lain dormant for months. I’ve had a sufficient dose of frigid temperatures and towering mounds of snow. I’m eager for spring to emerge.  

I’m longing to feel the warmth from the sun and experience gentle breezes in the air. I’m anxious to witness buds appearing on tree limbs and crocuses forcing their way above the compacted earth. I’m ready to catch a glimpse of birds gliding and butterflies flitting about euphorically. I yearn for sunnier, longer days and blossoming flowers.

From my collection
Spring resuscitates my senses; it’s my kiss of life.  I feel bright and lively, light and airy, youthful but mature, sensual yet refined. Confident, but reserved. Therefore, I’ve selected a fragrance that adequately reveals my personality. L’Air du Temps by the house of Nina Ricci.     

L’Air du Temps, a true French perfume, remains a beloved favorite today.  Launched in 1948, post World War II, L’Air du Temps was intended to represent peace, love and freedom after a long and exhausting war, when the scarcity of luxury items and meager rations unfortunately ruled the era. This timeless floral conveys femininity and sophistication and most definitely helped with the resurgence of a romantic and peaceful time.

The collaboration of Robert Ricci, perfumer Francis Fabron, and Marc Lalique - the creator and designer of the iconic intertwined crystal dove stopper - bestowed upon us the quintessential perfume. 

Vintage Ad

“The air of times” exudes hope and optimism with its classic floral notes of spicy carnation, gardenia, rose and jasmine. The delicate soft sweetness settles into a sultry, powdery dry-down of iris, sandalwood and musk, evoking both joy and tranquility. Nostalgic and elegant, L’ Air du Temps is forever imprinted on my senses.